Providing a concierge level service tailored to your specific need.

We’ve been there. Our in-home Personal Assistants will put your mind…At Ease.

A family member is getting older and doesn’t quite seem…themselves. Or they’re facing a perfectly manageable medical situation that just requires another set of hands or eyes or a driver for a few hours each day.

They need you. But your kids/spouse/job need you too.

At Ease provides Personal Assistants for seniors. We are the in-home senior care company you’ve been looking for.

At Ease believes that aging is living, not dying.

  • We offer in-home Personal Assistants, not babysitters.
  • Our Personal Assistants give superior care because they are doctor trained, valued, compensated and supported.
  • Our clients are adults who need assistance achieving their day.
  • Our clients have direct access to the At Ease owners.
  • We are a resource for families as they navigate this unfamiliar part of life.


Feeling overwhelmed? Find helpful resources for families on aging and caregiving.

Our Story

View our founder’s struggle with in-home senior care that led him to create At Ease.